Who are we and why should you care? Good questions. Let’s take a crack at answering.

The year is 2020. The world is in the midst of the worst pandemic in over 100 years. The majority of the world is effectively unable to travel internationally. Many are not in a good place emotionally or physically. Unprecedented is the word of the year.

Proooobably not the best time to launch a direct-to-consumer sustainable travel lifestyle brand. Since, you know, everyone is under the impression that they can’t travel anywhere. So, like, this would basically make us stupid or crazy for thinking it would be a good idea to start a travel brand, right? Wait, hold up though.




Likely all of the above.

There’s always love. Ah yes, the “L” word. We led from a place of love. Love for the planet. Love for travel. Love of life. We know... *eye roll into the back of your head*... y’all are so cheesy. Yes, perhaps. But we also mean it. Ask our 4.5 friends - they’ll tell you it’s true. So, we settled on that - let’s lead with what we love to do, love to talk about, and love to share: travel.

Travelers at heart + soul [Heart + Soul]

Not just traveler as in taking trips to cool places. We do that too, but when we say traveler, we mean it in the sense of constantly being on a journey through life. Yeah, yeah, you’ve probably heard that line before. It’s not a line though, we swear! So, we took our love of going places and poured it into our company in the hopes that people would see us.

Make it Last. And First.

That’s what our moms always told us - make it last (that, and “don’t forget your jacket at school again”). Whether it was our shoes or a jacket, the goal was always to make it last as long as possible. And that’s what we feel Mother Earth is telling us right now. So we said, let’s listen to Ma and find a way to make it last.

We weren’t the first ones here. And we certainly won’t be the last.

That’s when we realized that we have a responsibility to not f**k it up for everyone else. We need to help find a way to sustain our way of life - travel. Or at the very least, try our damnedest. We decided to learn as much as possible. To lean into not only science and facts, but also lean into the fact that we want to make a difference through our love of travel.

In this current crazy, sometimes stupid world, we’re leaning into sustainable, stylish, strong, and oh so sexy, love.

Join us on our journey.


We will continue to strive to build a travel brand

That stands for responsible sourcing, social consciousness, sustainability, and - just as important - style. We use these ingredients to create a perfect travel symphony, while also using them to form the foundations of High Atlas’ mission and purpose. We hope you’ll join us on this journey.