High Atlas

Sustainable, Stylish and Attainable – We are going places - Cactus if you can!

Travel Well and Do Well. For Our Future. For Our Planet.

Founded by Tanmay, a travel agent, and Vineeth, a chemical engineer and a “girl dad” of two

We shared a common love for travel and desire to have a lighter impact on the environment while traveling. We wanted more people to shift their mindset the way we did.

What We Stand For


Our cactus leather is built to last. It’s scratch + water resistant and cleaned easily with just a towel, water and elbow grease.


Science and style don’t usually appear together. Well, they do when it comes to High Atlas. Science may not sound sexy, but trust us, it’s got moves you haven’t seen.

Plant Based

Our organic cactus farm is carbon negative and regenerative. It absorbs 8,100 tons of CO2 and generates only 15.3 tons annually.

Cruelty Free

Our cactus leather is vegan, PETA certified cruelty-free, and up to 90% biodegradable. We take pride in the traceability and sustainability of our supply chain from raw material to final shipment.

Travel Friendly

From a separate shoe compartment to a key chain attachment, our product features are thoughtfully designed with you, the traveler, in mind.


We’ve create a collection of products that are accessible for anyone who wants to begin their journey towards a more sustainable travel lifestyle.

Making science and sustainability sexy.

We will continue to strive to build a travel brand

That stands for responsible sourcing, social consciousness, sustainability, and - just as important - style. We use these ingredients to create a perfect travel symphony, while also using them to form the foundations of High Atlas’ mission and purpose. We hope you’ll join us on this journey.