Mindfulness and Sustainability

Mindfulness and Sustainability

While we want to build a sustainable present and future and are certainly taking positive steps in that direction, what’s at the heart of the matter is how we think about all of our actions with a mindfulness approach. This present focused way of living is really helping me make better choices in my journey to a carbon negative lifestyle.

I recently switched to a hybrid gas-electric car, and while having some of the fixings from my old gas powered car was nice, I’m really enjoying my little Toyota Prius. But aside from some of the most obvious reasons that I enjoy it - great gas mileage, good size - there were some that I didn’t see coming. Now, you’re probably wondering what mindfulness has to do with my car choices.  Hang in there with us.

One of the most surprising things that I didn’t see myself enjoying was just how quiet it was. I wasn’t sure if the car was even on… it was just so smooth. I began to think about why I was so amused by the quiet phenomenon as I was driving one day, early into my purchase. I think it was because it made me feel like I was in the future. There was no rumbling or shaking. It felt… peaceful.  It may not be as powerful or fast as my old car, but I think what impressed me about the experience was that I felt like the futuristic feeling that I got from the car basically made it so that I no longer really cared that it doesn’t accelerate as fast. I suppose that could mean that I’m getting old, but that’s a conversation for another day.

I think the quiet my new car provides me with a different type of quality time with myself. It’s like I’m able to hear myself more clearly. It basically forced me to be mindful since it was just so darn quiet. Even if I was playing music or listening to a podcast, the actual physical stillness

Somehow, this clarity and mindfulness started creeping into other facets of my life. Nowadays, when I’m washing my hands for example, I am much more likely to remember that on the off chance